Design Out Loud Philadelphia

DeSavino & Son’s See Saw design was named Caesarstone’s Design OUT LOUD Philadelphia Favorite Design Winner

Caesarstone teamed up with 20 teams of designers and fabricators for an interactive experience of design inspiration using a new thermoforming technology to shape stone into organic curves.
Held on September 17, 2014 at the Sub Zero and Wolf Showroom in the Philadelphia Navy Yard.
​Local Philadelphia fabricators, designers and architects teamed up for the event to showcase Caesarstone in a variety of artistic ways.
Congratulations to HDR Inc, Bristol Millwork, and DeSavino & Sons whose seesaw design was named Design OUT LOUD Philadelphia Favorite Design Winner.

Sep 17, 2014 Caesarstone~Design Out loud

This unconventional children’s seesaw features a curved base, which rocks back and forth, unlike a typical pivoting seesaw. The weight of the Caesarstone combined with the curved design of the seesaw allows the unit to maintain a constant balance. Children can sit either on the ends of the seesaw or in the span across the center.

This See Saw Design was made of Caesarstone Quartz. It is Thermoformed Quartz that was first cut to shape on a CNC. It was than reduced in thickness and then heated so the material would bend around a form. Once the material was bent to the required form, the pieces were meticulously glued and polished together to create this one of a kind design.

Sep 17, 2014 Caesarstone~Design Out loud

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