There are many different types of stone countertops that are offered on the market. One of the most popular nowadays is limestone. In the past couple of years, limestone has become an increasingly popular material to use in home countertops for many reasons.

One of the biggest advantages to the limestone countertop is that there is an incredible amount of adaptability to this stone. The deluxe appearance of limestone makes it a popular installation for kitchens and bathrooms.

In terms of the stone itself, limestone is highly durable. Limestone countertops have an incredible amount of heat resistance and are known for being very sturdy. Limestone bears a remarkable resemblance to marble-another reason it is so well liked. The natural color is typically a white or other sandy like colors. The color of limestone makes it highly popular for professional chefs and other serious cooks. This is because the natural color of limestone looks particularly good with the stainless steel features of professional grade kitchenware.

The stone is made over time from shells and fossils and is shaped by sand and aquatic life. Because of its origin many people choose limestone as their stone countertop due to the fact that it has a unique story and many homeowners value that origin.

A limestone countertop is often thought of as an investment well made. Not only does limestone increase the value of a home but has an appeal that many appreciate. Limestone is often chosen for its resemblance to marble. The color, stableness, and availability all make this kind of countertop a worthy home investment.