Open Air Cabinetry Healthcare System

Value-added solutions:

The Open Air Healthcare System is designed to be a fully integrated built-in system. It allows you the freedom to plan your space without sacrificing the aesthetics you want. Open Air created the perfect setting for any procedure. Our advanced polymer design is Impermeable to moisture and comes with Antimicrobial protection.

  • Solid 3/4" thick High Density Polythylene )HDPR) marine grade polymer with color throughout.
  • Antimicrobial Protection resists bacteria, fungi (mold, mildew and yeasts) and algae.
  • Superior UV Stabilization
  • Impermeable to moisture which won't develop any mildew.
  • Will not delaminate or swell.
  • Easy to clean. HPDE is touch against stains, spills and splashes.
  • FDA approved for food contact.
  • Made from recycled materials, 100% recyclable and includes factory responsible recycling.
  • Contribute points to LEED Certification.

Design Options

Open Air Cabintry includes Overhead Cabinets, Tall Cabinets and Base Cabinets with drawers, doors and shelves.

  • Available in standard architectural sizes to make planning easy and efficient or custom sizes as needed.
  • Configurable to work in demanding areas such as Nurses Sations, Exam Rooms, Procedure Rooms, Sterile Supply Rooms, Clean Rooms, Pharmacies and Laboratories.

A. Slope tops

  • Can be installed over wall mounted cabinets and also tall cabinets.
  • Offers the ability to slope any airborne particles off of the unit in order to prevent the build-up of dust and dirt.
  • Promotes good storage practices as excess materials and equipment cannot be placed on top of the cabinets.

B. Solid or Clear Doors

  • Available with either solid doors for concealed storage.
  • Optional Clear acrylic UV stable doors when inventory stock levels need to be identified at quick glance.

C. Adjustable Shelves

  • Flat and easy to clean shelving for bulk items.

D. Pull Out Shelves

  • Pull out Shelves for your convenience. these shelves are full extension and include stainless steel slides.

E. Stainless Steel Hinges

  • Concealed hinges are fully adjustable and easy to clean.

F. Stainless Steel Drawer Slides

  • Drawer slides are corrosion resistant, smooth and easy to pull even when they are fully loaded.

Antimicrobial Protection

In addition to normal cleaning and hygiene practices, Antimicrobial Protection helps to keep products cleaner between cleanings by controlling or retarding the growth of bacteria, fungi (mold, mildew and yeasts) and algae on the product.

  • Contains an anti-microbial compound that is built-in during the manufacturing process.
  • Available in 2 colors: Light Grey and Light Beige.

Advanced Security

  • Mechanical Key locks allow only an authorized user with keys access to the cabinet.
  • Optional Push Button Locks are a keyless entry system that can store individual codes.
  • Software for administration and tracking.

Engineered to last.

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