Kamado Grill Caddy

Kamado Grill Caddy

Now you can have a mobile Caddy for your Kamado Grill with the quality, style, and durability you expect from DeSavino and Sons. Our Caddy is loaded with features to enhance your cooking experience.

The DeSavino & Son’s Outdoor Kitchen Line is constructed with materials of high quality and durability.

Originally designed for the marine industry, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) provides an aesthetically appealing and structurally sound base. Our HDPE outdoor kitchens will not split, rot, or absorb water like wood. The material is approved for food contact by the FDA and USDA.

Our Caddy is manufactured from low maintenance materials that resists chemicals and fading. The Caddy will withstand repeated cleanings with a power washer. Of course, a water hose and scrub bruch can also do the trick.

Find a caddy to fit your kamado grill.

Kamado Grill Caddy

Other features in our product line include, a HDPE cutting board which is washable, safe and
FDA approved. Another reason why the Kamado Grill rocks is the plate setter a feature that sets our products apart from the rest, the plate storage setter stores accessories conveniently in the cabinet beneath the Kamado Grill plus the Storage Cabinet and storage shelf provide room for cleaning products, and additional charcoal.


The following colors are not available with the Small, Large and XL Kamado Grill Caddy:

  • Stainless Steel Hammered
  • Nickel Rotary Brushed
  • Stainless Steel Rotary Brushed


We have 14 colors to choose from! The best way to decide what the right color is for you is to contact us so we can send you free samples. Put the samples out in the sun or space where the cabinets will be to see how it will look in your light.

* Chestnut and Moss Grey may have extended lead times. Call for availability.

All Colors are the same price.

Granite Base Color


Sustainable Solutions For Outdoor Living



High‐Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Facts




  • Made from recycled materials
  • 100% recyclable
  • Contains 25%‐75% post‐industrial content
  • No painting means no VOC emissions
  • Improved air quality
  • Resists mold, mildew, fungus and bacteria
  • Factory responsible recycling
  • Contribute points to LEED certification




“Design for Dis-assembly” System construction facilitates the easy dis-assembly and separation of materials in support of a closed loop system allowing valuable materials to go back into high‐quality products without being degraded.

HDPE can be more easily recycled than any other polymer and has the number “2” as its recycling symbol.

HDPE releases no toxic gases or dioxins contained in many traditional building materials.

HDPE panels help eliminate the use of scarce wood resources and helps keep other materials out of the waste stream and incinerators.

HDPE panels have molded‐in color, avoiding secondary finishing processes that often release VOC’s into the atmosphere/building.

HDPE is very durable and requires no maintenance.

HDPE never needs painting, therefore they do not contribute to VOC emissions, improving both indoor and outdoor air quality. In addition, can be power washed or steamed cleaned, eliminating the need for harmful chemical cleans.

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